Buendia® is an ultra premium Tequila brand committed to quality and craft. Our name in Spanish means “good day” and is often used as a greeting. One of the founders was a Crew Chief on the F-15 Eagle and our logo pays homage to his days in the Air Force. The eagle bears significance in both the United States as well as Mexico; it represents our focus on integrity, service, and excellence.

Our company is built on dedication and passion. From field to bottling, our products and practices are held to the highest standards. We only use the finest ingredients and are naturally organic. To ensure a consistent high-quality product our Master Distiller oversees the entire process.


We love Tequila and want to share it with the world. Our hope is to bring people together one sip at a time.

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Buendia® Tequila Blanco is a multi-award winning Tequila made from 100% Blue Weber Agave. Our agave is hand selected in the Highland and Lowland regions of western Mexico and embodies the distinct flavors of both appellations. Buendia® Tequila is finely crafted using age-old methods combined with modern innovation. Cooked in traditional brick ovens then fermented to produce a unique and complex profile. Perfectly balanced and twice distilled creating the highest quality ultra-smooth Tequila.

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Our agave plants take approximately 8-10 years to mature. We test for ripeness and sugar concentration before harvesting them. Our Tequila is made with agaves from both the Lowlands and the Highlands for the complex nature of both terroirs.


We combine the traditional way of cooking agaves in brick ovens for 30-36 hours and stainless steel autoclaves for 14-16 hours. This prevents caramelization and retains the sweet natural flavors of the agave. 


Sugar is extracted from the agaves using roller mills for more efficient extraction. The mills crush and squeeze the cooked piñas to release the juices.


Agave juices are fermented in stainless steel tanks using an imported proprietary yeast which converts the sugar into alcohol. This natural open-air process takes three days.


The mosto (fermented mixture) is distilled using alembic stills commonly known as ‘pot stills.’ The use of these stills allows us to cut the cabeza (head) and cola (tail) while keeping the desirable corazon (heart) of the Tequila.  Our Tequila is twice distilled to purify without eliminating the agave flavor. 


The inactive volcano near the city of Tequila, Jalisco provides a natural spring which flows to the distillery. This unique spring provides mineral rich water, and is captured from a deep well for our Tequila.

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Buendia Tequila Blanco  
750ml / 40% ABV

Smooth and soft on the palate, pronounced cooked agave balanced with black pepper, citrus notes, and a short, pleasant finish. Buendia Blanco is the perfect choice for sipping, shooting, or mixing.


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